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Ticket Assignment

You may purchase up to 10 tickets in bulk for both the Adult and Youth Full Pass which provides savings up to $50 per “Full Pass” ticket.

You may also purchase up to 10 tickets per category a la carte, allowing the purchase of a day pass, event seminar only, individual competitions, and the banquet.

As the ticket(s) purchaser, you must “Assign” to each attendee(s) their individual ticket(s). This includes yourself. Please read “Assign” for more details.

Lastly, each assigned attendee will need to register their assigned tickets. Please read “Register” for more details.

This process allows us to provide the best value to you in the way of group ticket purchasing, helps us keep our costs down administratively, and speeds up event check-in.

After tickets are purchased, you must assign each ticket(s) to an individual attendee. You can assign tickets at any time before November 6th, 2023 which is the Registration cut-off date.

When you assign ticket(s) to an attendee, you will do so for 1 attendee at a time including yourself.

You will need the attendee’s name, email address, mobile number (optional), and the ticket type(s) you are assigning to them.

The attendee will be notified by email and text message, that ticket(s) have been assigned to them with instructions for Step 3, which is to register as an attendee.

Upon ticket purchase completion, you will receive an email from with instructions for this next step.

When tickets are assigned by the ticket purchaser, an email and text message will be sent to the attendee to which the ticket(s) were assigned providing them with instructions to register their tickets as an attendee.

You can register tickets at any time before November 6th, 2023 which is the Registration cut-off date.

JA 2023 Attendee Ticket Assignment

Assign Purchased Tickets to an Attendee

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