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Welcome to Jujitsu America, the official accreditation organization for Jujitsu schools and their students!

If you are a student wanting to develop your abilities or a school wanting to join our esteemed Jujitsu academies network, we are here to support you throughout the process.

Join us now and be a part of the Jujitsu America family!

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Expand Your Impact! Join us as a School Member. Access highly respected rank certification, seminars, and a supportive community.

Unlock your Potential! Join us for training seminars, highly respected Rank Certification and Networking. Experience the transformative power of Martial Arts.

Learn Jujitsu

Learn Jujitsu…Gain Strength, Boost Confidence, and Develop Self-Defense Skills!

Learning Jujitsu empowers you with invaluable skills for life. Enhance physical fitness, develop mental resilience, and acquire self-defense expertise. Transform yourself inside and out with the art of Jujitsu.


Elevate Your Martial Arts Experience with Our Events!

Join us for unforgettable experiences at our Martial Arts events. Connect with other Martial Artists, learn from renowned instructors, or compete in Regional, National and World Tournaments. Experience unmatched growth and inspiration through Jujitsu America Events.