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Jujitsu Skills

Ateme Waza - Striking

Striking in Jujitsu and the martial arts is essential. Learning precise punches, devastating kicks and powerful strikes enhances speed and accuracy and is a vital element of both the art of Jujitsu, Sport Jujitsu, and self-defense.

Ne Waza - Grappling

Grappling offers numerous benefits. It builds strength, endurance, and agility while improving coordination. It instills discipline, perseverance, and a resilient mindset. It equips individuals with practical self-defense skills to control opponents and de-escalate confrontations.

Sport Jujitsu

Competition cultivates discipline, fortitude, and technique through rigorous training. It refines skills, fosters camaraderie, and promotes personal growth. It offers self-assessment and fosters a supportive community. Ultimately, Sports Jujitsu competition promotes personal growth and life skills beyond martial arts.

Nage Waza - Throwing

Learning to throw is invaluable in martial arts, combining refined technique, timing, and power, it provides a crucial advantage in sport and self-defense. Mastering throws enhances strength, coordination, focus, fostering confidence. Learning to throw opens a world of possibilities emphasizing prowess and personal growth.

Yawara – Self Defense

Joint locking involves applying pressure or manipulating an opponent’s joints, such as wrists, elbows and knees, to gain control or induce a submission. By exploiting the vulnerability of joints, practitioners can subdue or immobilize opponents without having to rely only on striking or grappling.

Jujitsu Art & Tradition

Healing Arts

Massage and sports medicine techniques are essential for Jujitsu teachers and students. They prevent injuries, reduce pain, and expedite recovery. These practices, ingrained in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu from its inception, enhance physical well-being and enable safe and sustained training.


Learning weapons cultivates tradition, discipline, precision, and coordination. It imparts practical self-defense skills, fostering personal growth and confidence. Jujitsu America offers exceptional instructors for Japanese and Filipino weapons.


Kata in Jujitsu refines technique and holds deep significance. It strengthens generational bonds and preserves the art. It embodies dedication, discipline, and tradition, reminding us that true mastery goes beyond physical prowess.

Embrace the Art of Strength and Grace

Jujitsu, the captivating “soft art” hailing from Japan, offers a mesmerizing display of technique and finesse. It is a dynamic system of wrestling where the might and heft of your opponent are ingeniously turned against them through the mastery of anatomical knowledge and the art of leverage.

Within the realm of this elegant martial art, you’ll discover a symphony of strikes utilizing various anatomical weapons – the lightning-fast fury of fists, the pinpoint precision of fingers, the devastating impact of elbows, and the swift grace of feet. But jujitsu is more than a showcase of striking prowess. It encompasses the poetry of throws, the meticulous artistry of pins and chokes, the tactical brilliance of joint locks, and even the mastery of weaponry.

Tracing its roots back to the 13th century, jujitsu embodies a rich legacy adorned with ancient drawings that reveal the secrets of its techniques, offering a glimpse into a world steeped in tradition and wisdom.

With over 725 unique systems developed in Japan, jujitsu’s influence reverberates throughout the modern landscape of martial arts. Many of the revered Japanese “Do” forms, such as judo, aikido, and karate-do, owe their origins to the ancient art of jujitsu. Evolving primarily as sports, these disciplines have refined their techniques to prioritize safety and minimize the risk of injury during competitions.

Yet, beyond the physical prowess and historical lineage, lies a profound philosophical tapestry that weaves through the heart of jujitsu. Immerse yourself in the teachings expounded in Professor Okazaki’s timeless masterpiece, “Esoteric Principles of Judo,” which draws inspiration from the hallowed Ancient Samurai Code of Ethics. These philosophies and moral principles of Budo, often dismissed as abstract concepts, were meant to be embraced and integrated into our daily lives.

Regrettably, in today’s teaching landscape, the profound impact of jujitsu on one’s character is often overshadowed. But let us not forget the old ways, when masters would carefully select students who exemplified unwavering moral fiber. The Oriental traditions of honor, obedience, loyalty, and filial piety formed the bedrock upon which true mastery was built, unlocking the doors to the higher echelons of training.

Throughout history, the greatest martial artists have transcended mere physicality, their names etched in legend due to their profound reverence for the philosophy of Budo. Take, for instance, the extraordinary journey of Mas Oyama, who shares his captivating tale in the seminal work, “The Kyokushin Way.” Following the tumultuous aftermath of World War II, Oyama’s martial arts prowess led him down a treacherous path of crime, ultimately leading to his imprisonment. It was during those dark hours behind bars that destiny intervened. Entranced by the life story of Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary samurai swordsman, Oyama stumbled upon a life-altering passage. In those words, Musashi was reprimanded by Takuan Soho, urging him to channel his strength for the betterment of others, transcending selfish motives. In the context of Oyama’s own misuse of power, this passage ignited a flame of transformation within him, setting him on a new path of enlightenment.

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey? Join a distinguished dojo, where the art of jujitsu unfolds before your eyes. Step onto the sacred mat, and immerse yourself in the wisdom of the ancient samurai. Discover the immense power that lies within you, both physically and spiritually. Embrace the philosophy, honor the traditions, and let the art of jujitsu guide you towards unlocking your true potential.

Within the walls of a reputable dojo, you will find a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for jujitsu. Expert instructors, steeped in the wisdom of generations past, will patiently guide you through the intricacies of the art. They will not only train your body but also nurture your character, instilling the virtues of honor, discipline, respect, and integrity that lie at the core of jujitsu.

As you progress on your jujitsu journey, you’ll witness profound transformations taking place within yourself. The physical benefits are undeniable—increased strength, agility, and coordination—but the impact reaches far beyond the physical realm. Jujitsu becomes a conduit for personal growth, teaching you perseverance in the face of challenges, humility in both victory and defeat, and the ability to find inner calm amidst chaos.

Through rigorous training, you will cultivate mental resilience and learn to harness your emotions, enhancing your ability to make clear decisions under pressure. The philosophical teachings of Budo will seep into your consciousness, offering valuable insights that extend far beyond the mat. You’ll find yourself embracing these principles in your daily life, forging stronger relationships, resolving conflicts with grace, and approaching each day with a warrior’s spirit.

Jujitsu is a transformative art, not limited to physical techniques and athletic prowess. It is a way of life—a path that leads to self-discovery and self-mastery. By immersing yourself in the philosophy and practice of jujitsu, you embark on a profound journey of personal empowerment and fulfillment.

So, seize the opportunity to delve into the enchanting world of jujitsu. Embrace the elegant techniques, the deep-rooted traditions, and the timeless philosophy that have captivated martial artists for centuries. Step onto the tatami, where the boundaries of possibility are shattered, and your true potential awaits. Join a dojo, become part of a lineage that spans generations, and let jujitsu sculpt you into the best version of yourself—a warrior of the mind, body, and spirit.

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