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  • Worldwide Recognized Ranking in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu System and non-Danzan Ryu
  • Community of Schools that share in the knowledge of the arts
  • Ability to Obtain Instructor Certification for Recognition as a Certified Jujitsu Instructor
  • Learn Restorative Massage Therapy and earn your certification
  • Access to the Board of Representatives with Voting Rights Following 10 Student Additions
  • Discounted Prices for National and Regional Events
  • Send your students to the World Championship Games, which include:
    • Sport Jujitsu, Self-defense, Grappling, and No-Gi Grappling Competitions
  • Sport Jujitsu Referee Certification to Officiate at JA & USJA Sport Jujitsu Events
  • Opportunity to Train and Study with Martial Arts Experts Representing Various Styles of Jujitsu, Judo, etc.

Community & Support
Joining a martial art organization allows instructors to become part of a broader community of like-minded individuals. They can connect with other instructors, students, and enthusiasts who share a passion for martial arts. This sense of community provides support, encouragement, and a platform for collaboration.

Rank Certification
Ranking from Jujitsu America can boost an instructor’s professional standing, help attract more students, and open opportunities for networking and teaching engagements.

Seminars & Tournaments
Attending martial art events and tournaments alongside your students allows you, as a school owner, to provide support, build relationships, showcase your school’s reputation as well as network and market your offerings. It’s a valuable investment in the growth and development of both the students and the school itself.

Coming Soon:

  • Continuing education for School Heads and their Instructors
  • Chat App to stay in contact with students and other School Instructors
  • Provide convenient digital certificates for kyu ranks
  • Dojo insurance options for Schools and their off-site events and tournaments

At Jujitsu America, we’re passionate about uniting martial artists and fostering a strong sense of community within the world of martial arts. As an instructor of a martial arts school, becoming a member of Jujitsu America opens up exciting opportunities to spread the ethics and knowledge of the esteemed Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu system.

By joining Jujitsu America, you gain access to a widely recognized and accepted ranking system, providing your students with a clear path for progression and growth. Additionally, our organization facilitates monthly clinics and seminars within local networks, giving you the platform to promote and advertise these events to the public, ensuring maximum exposure for your school.

But that’s not all. As a member of Jujitsu America, you’ll enjoy a plethora of exclusive benefits. Firstly, you’ll gain worldwide recognition as an instructor, establishing yourself as a respected authority in the martial arts community. We also offer the opportunity to become certified in restorative massage therapy, expanding your skill set and enhancing your ability to serve your students.

Furthermore, our board of representatives grants voting rights to members who have added ten students, allowing you to actively contribute to the decisions and direction of Jujitsu America. You’ll also benefit from enticing discounts to national and regional events, making it more accessible for you and your students to participate in exciting martial arts competitions.

Speaking of competitions, Jujitsu America provides the chance to send your students to world championship games such as sport jujitsu, self-defense, grappling, and no-gi grappling competitions. We even offer sport jujitsu referee certification, empowering you to officiate at JA and USJA sport jujitsu events.

Last but certainly not least, as a member of Jujitsu America, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to train and study with experts from various jujitsu and judo styles. This exposure to diverse techniques and perspectives will deepen your understanding of martial arts and enable you to enrich your own teaching methods.

Join Jujitsu America today and experience the unparalleled benefits of our vibrant community, prestigious certifications, global recognition, and the chance to enhance your martial arts journey alongside fellow dedicated practitioners.

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