Past President’s Message – Fall 2013

17 Nov 2013 7:57 AM | Steven Menasche

Greetings and best wishes to all our Jujitsu America members and friends!
I hope this letter finds you and yours doing well. At this time of year, it’s
good to pause and reflect on what is most important in our lives and all
those things for which we are thankful.

Among many other things, I am thankful for the opportunity to have
served this outstanding organization as an officer for the past 14 years,
and the last four years as President. It has been an honor and a privilege
to provide leadership and support, working together with so many
wonderful folks to make a difference for JA. My primary goal has been to
enhance the membership experience for all.

Some of the achievements during my administration which I highlighted
during the Board Meeting at the JA Annual Convention we just presented
in September include:

 Membership level increase, with several new schools and members
 Financial growth
 Regular regional training clinics for traditional and progressive arts
 Encouraged broader involvement in JA: e.g., instituted conference calls as part of the Board Meetings for all representatives to have a voice in the direction of the JA organization, and continued to present Board meetings in various locations to drive wider participation
 Developed new website and online membership registration, as well as electronic payment for events
 Produced outstanding annual conventions on both coasts
 Regularly presented national and local tournaments
 Built alliance with USJA including joint membership program and joint events

At the convention, we held elections for officers and warmly welcome the following into their new roles:
 President: Professor Richard Bunch
 1st Vice President: Sensei Chris Peterson
 2nd Vice President: Sensei Jamie Dyson
 Secretary: Sensei Carla Bunch
 Treasurer: Sensei Judie Kasper
 Registration Chairman: Professor Joe Souza
 Directors: Sensei Tony DeBattista, Sensei Shane Thompson, and Sensei Laura Welch

This is an outstanding team of committed individuals who have all worked very hard and continue to make tremendous contributions to the direction and operation of Jujitsu America. I’m pleased to maintain my active role with the organization, and look forward to the continued growth and success of Jujitsu America with this new team and all our members!

All the best,
Professor Eric Renner
Past President
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