Massage Clinic

  • 10 Nov 2006
  • Rocky DiRico's School of Kenpo Karate, Arlington, MA

November 10, 2006 - Massage Clinic

Instructed By Janice Okamoto, 7th Dan
Master of Massage; Massage Committee Member for Jujitsu America

Come learn the basic back restoration massage therapy as taught by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki, founder of Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. The basic back massage is deep tissue, and covers the area between the top of the spine to the lower back. This class will provide hands on requirements and techniques as required towards Jujitsu America’s Basic Back Massage Certification, for those who wish to earn one. This clinic is open to everyone, not solely for the martial artist.

Massage helps the body to heal itself. Just a few benefits include:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Rejuvenates Muscle Tissue
  • Improves Energy, Flexibility and Circulation
  • Releases Endorphins-the body’s own natural pain killer

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