Seifukujitsu Restoration Therapy Certification Course

  • 20 Feb 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Morgan Hill, CA

Seifukujitsu Restoration Therapy
Certification Course

An influence from Chinese medicine, Seifukujitsu has been refined throughout Japaneses history and has been in pracice for multiple centuries. Introduced to the Western world through Hawaii by Master Henry Okazaki, this Restoration Massage therapy has become the healing component to Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, which Master Okazaki also founded. In the traditional form of mentor/apprentice training, Master Okazaki had training Sig Kufferath in this multi-faceted therapy, and this course focuses on the Okazaki/Kufferath method of Restoration Massage Therapy.

Curriculum & Cost
History, Basic Anatomy & Physiology, Musculoskeletal System, Kinesiology (External Movement), Massage Therapist Pathology, Level 1-3 Massage, Chinese Medicine (Meridian Therapy, Acupressure for stress and ailments)

Cost: $475

What to Bring: Massage table & sheets, notebook, pen/pencil

What will be Provided: Massage oil, instructional mateirals

Students who pass course exams will receive a certificate of completion

Course Venue & Dates
Renkishin Dojo
259 W. Main Street
Morgan Hill, California
Starts February 20-21, 2016
9:00am – 5:00pm
1 weekend for 6 months
Future dates will be decided jointly with instructor and students

Professor Rowdy Hall

For questions email:

Download a printable flyer here:
Restoration Therapy Course Feb-July 2016 (draft).pdf

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