National Seminar Series to benefit Saint Jude Research Hospital

  • 19 Mar 2016
  • Many locations around the United States

National Seminar Series to benefit Saint Jude on 3/19/2016

Jujitsu America is sponsoring simultaneous seminars around the country to raise awareness and donations for Saint Jude Research Hospital

All Men, Woman and Children please come and learn Self-Defense from Top Martial Artists!
All money goes to benefit St. Jude!
All Children's Lives Matter!

We hope you can made it to one of the seminar locations to learn from some of the best martial artists in the country and all the seminar fees go to Saint Jude Research Hospital. 

Simultaneous Locations Nationwide on 3/19/2016 !
Times are a bit different for each location, see below...

San Jose (
Ju Jitsu School)

(there will also be a JA board meeting at this location)
San Jose Schedule:
9:30-11:30am Board Meeting
11:30-3:00 Seminars
3:00-5:00 BBQ

San Jose Seminar Instructors:
Prof Willy Cahill. -    Judo/Ju Jitsu
Farley.   -   World Kickboxing Champion
Darlynson Lira.   -   Brazilian/Japanese Jiu Jitsu
Sense  Jack Wada.  -  Aikido
Prof Richard Bunch. -  Ju Jitsu
Guru John Ward.     -   Eskrima
Sensei Brad Burgo. -   Judo
Shihan Russ Rhodes.-  Kodenkan J/J
Prof Duwane McCraney. - Ju Jitsu
Sensei Chris Peterson -
Small Circle Jujitsu
Sensei Rob Gale - Combat JuJutsu & Small Circle Jujitsu
Plus other special guests

Flyer: 2016-03-19 Saint Jude Seminars (San Jose).pdf

Los Gatos (Pacific Coast Martial Arts)

This location will host seminars on a different days during the week (3/21-25).
For more information contact: 408-358-1345
Los Gatos Seminar Instructors:
Shihan Russ Rhodes.-  Kodenkan J/J

Sparks (
For more information contact:
775-358-1518 or

(Koshikan Dojo)
For more information contact:
775-423-2340 or

Ashland (Kwanmukan Jujitsu)
For more information contact:
419-651-5228 or

Salem (Salem Budo Kai
For more information contact:
503-581-2706 or

Philadelphia (
River of Life Martial Arts & Wellness Center)
For more information contact:
215-542-0102 or

Dublin (American Combat Ju.Jitsiu.& New River Jujitsu Dojo)
Schedule: 12:00-4:00
2016-03-19 Saint Jude Seminar in Dublin VA - Flyer.pdf
Local Business Donations info:
2016-03-19 Saint Jude Seminar in Dublin VA - Donation Letter.pdf
For more information contact:
Ric Anderton 540-230-5845 or
Virginia Seminar Instructors:
Professor Tony Maynard,
Professor Ernie Cates,
Grand Master Raven Spruiell
Randy Ferrell,
Denny Langford,
Aj Farmer and More.

Green Bay (
Oneida Family Fitness Center)
This location will be February 27th (not March 19th)
Flyer: 2016-02-27 Saint Jude Seminar in Green Bay WI - Flyer.pdf
For more information contact:

(920) 490-3804  or

... And more locations coming, plus online video streaming!  So check back soon!

For more information about Saint Jude, see

For more information about the seminars contact:
Duwane McCraney
1-831-373-2393 or

Click here for printable flyer:
2016 Saint Jude Seminars.pdf

Whether you come to an event or not, you are encouraged to make a donation to Saint Jude.
You can mail a check to:
Prof. Duwane  McCraney
868 Marino Pines Rd.
Pacific Grove, Calif. 93950

(please make check out directly to "Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital" and put EVENT CODE "FKAO60744D16")

Or you can click here
to donate online

(be sure to donate to the "McCraney" event)

Please Help
the Jujitsu Cure!

  We are also looking for Individual and Corporate Sponsors .
Your Name included on the program and website.

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