Within Arm’s Reach Seminars by GM Cliff Stewart

  • 26 Jul 2015
  • Woodland Hills, CA

Jujitsu America is co-hosting two seminars with Within Arm’s Reach by GM Cliff Stewart.

Guest: GM Graciela Casillas-Tortorelli

Seminars are July 26 & August 30, 2015

at the:

Kenshokan Academy of MA
21139 Victory Blvd., 
Woodland Hills, CA 91303

For more information, please contact:
Cliff Stewart at (310) 497-1608 or cliffwar@earrthlink.net

or contact: Prof. Lawrence Boydston at (310) 828-9343

* There will be a DISCOUNT for JA members!

Dowload flyer here: 

2015 Cliff Stewart seminars.pdf

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