Black Belt/Kyu/Instructor Requests

 You can pay online using CC or mail in check.  Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted. 

Jujitsu America
2822 Elmhurst Circle, Fairfield, CA 94533

If you prefer, here are documents you can fill and mail to the above address:

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    • 01 Aug 2011
    • 29 Sep 2020
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    Online form for Kyu promotion.
    • 01 Sep 2011
    • 01 Sep 2020
    • USA
    Submit one of the following online forms and appropriate fees will be calculated.  You will be able to pay online or can mail your check to the attention of Joe Souza ( Dojo Members receive JUJITSU AMERICA Black Belt Certificate (11” x 17”). JA Affiliate Group Members receive signature/seal on approved Affiliate Group Member certificate. All are registered in JUJITSU AMERICA’s Black Belt List.

    All Dan Grade Promotion requests for promotion beyond Shodan need to be reviewed by the JUJITSU AMERICA Standards Board prior to approval.
    • 01 Sep 2011
    • 01 Sep 2020
    • USA
    1. Applicant must be a member of Jujitsu America for a minimum of one year after their probationary period and must be a Nidan for not less than one year.

    2. Applicant must display his or her skills as an instructor by conducting classes under the supervision of the Standards Board (two members of the board must be present).

    3. Applicant must pay his or her certification fee of $30.00 at the time of application. The certificate must be applied for a month prior to testing (no later than July 15 in order to be reviewed prior to that year’s Annual Convention) and be accompanied with a passport-size photo of the applicant. Send all applications to the First Vice President.

    4. The application will be presented to the Standards Board, which will in turn notify the applicant as to what may be required of him or her.

    5. Instructor Certificates will be presented to successful applicants at the Jujitsu America Annual Convention or at other event.

    Please direct all Instructor Certificate Applications to attention of Joe Souza (

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